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Favourite Foot Creams



Why should you put cream on your feet? Besides keeping them looking nice and reducing the build up of corns and calluses, it helps maintain good skin integrity. Your skin is a fantastic barrier against infection and it’s a vital part of your immune system. It keeps your insides in and the outside world out. It’s worth looking after. 


I’ve just uploaded a video where I talk about the foot creams I commonly recommend at Penn Farm Podiatry. However, since it’s over 8 minutes long (gosh, and I was trying to be brief!) a written version should be helpful.



Urea is the active ingredient in most of these. It’s a nitrogen based chemical, hence the “ura” bit. I know what you’re thinking (because I get asked this a lot) but no - it is nothing to do with wee, other than both substances containing a lot of nitrogen. If you are going to invest in a stronger foot cream, then UREA is the ingredient you’re after.


A few points first, though:

  1. Everyone should put cream on their feet every day. Every. Single. Day. Yes, really.
  2. People with diabetes who use cream on their feet every day have fewer complications.
  3. Some people can be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients in these creams. Check the ingredients list and ask me for advice and stop using them if you have any problems.
  4. Some of these products are flammable. This means a build up of foot cream on fabrics, such as your bed linen, can cause fires to take off more readily. Change your sheets regularly if you put the cream on your feet before bedtime.
  5. In non-covid times I’m happy to swap a near-full tube of cream if I’ve recommended it in clinic and it doesn’t work for you.



Are your feet only slightly dry? 


In the middle:


Rather parched:


Drier than the sahara?


Other stuff: 


Which are my favourites? Well, on my feet I use CCS foot care cream, gehwol herbal lotion spray and the gehwol nail oil. But my all time  favourite is flexitol hand balm!


Where do you buy them? Most of these creams are available via Get a 10% discount with the code XQ9P0478. I can also post them to you - email or phone me, you can pay via BACS and I will send them out.